Most popular types of Bingo

There are a lot of fans of bingo. This game is really addictive and attracts people of all ages. Bingo is fun, entertaining, social and easy to play.

Players join various Bingo communities to exchange their experience with other players and to communicate with Bingo fans from all over the world. If you have always wanted to try, then it’s high time to do it. You will have a chance to test this game for free online bingo no deposit win real money.

If you haven’t decided what type of Bingo to play, read a following list of the most popular types of this game.


Most popular types of Bingo

30 ball Bingo

30 ball Bingo is also called a speed bingo. There are not so many balls in a game that’s why it is really fast. There are only nine numbers in a game.

75 ball Bingo

This type of Bingo is very popular in the USA. It is possible to find it and its variants in almost all online casinos. A player, who marks a complete line diagonally, vertically or horizontally, is a winner.

80 balls Bingo

80 ball Bingo is very popular and can be played in a great number of online casinos. It is a favorite game of UK players.

90 ball 

90 Ball Bingo is very popular In Australia and the UK. It is usually played in three rounds. It is considered to be the most complicated version of Bingo, but still many players choose it. It is played with balls that have numbers from one to 90. There are three lines with five numbers in a ticket. A player can get prizes not only for a full house, but for one or two lines.

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