Glass sculptures

Here you can see our works with glass and metal. Most of the pieces in this section are based on metamorphosed glass bottles, that is, bottles of different kinds and colours, turned into aeroplanes, helicopters, insects or anyhting else our imagination sees.  We use stained glass, wire and metal to shape to our bottles into their new form.

In addition we have some pieces that are entirely made with stained glass or use the medium in a more conventional way and style.

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Aeroplane made of a brown glass bottle, brown stained glass, metal, and wire. Dimensions: 29x29x14cm. Price 75€ (incl. VAT) 

Clear glass plane

Clear glass plane with purple, stained glass wings, metal and wire. The plane comes with a metal cog base which is sold separately and can be fitted to all our planes. Dimensions 29x29x13cm. Base diameter 25cm. Prices: plane 75€ , base 20€ (incl. VAT)


Hydronplane made of a green glass bottle, stained glass, wire and metal. Dimensions 27x30x17cm. Price 75€ (incl. VAT) 


Helicopter made of a clear glass bottle and stained glass, with wire and metal details. Size: 28x28x18cm. Price 75€  (incl. VAT) 

Praying mantis

Praying mantis made of a clear glass bottle, green stained glass, metal and wire. Dimensions: 30x30x18cm. Price 100€ (incl. VAT) 


Grasshopper made of a brown glass bottle, emerald and purple stained glass, and wire. Dimensions 31x11x12cm. 


Brown plane

Plane made of brown glass bottle and clear glass.


Metal plane

Plane made of a clear gass bottle and metal.


Skyblue plane

Plane made of clear glass bottle, skyblue stained glass, metal and wire.


Blue plane

Blue plane made of metal and blue stained glass.