In this section you can explore our papercut lightboxes. Each box has a unique design which is created by different numbers of  hand-cut, layered sheets of paper.  LED strip lights are positioned in the back of the box, bringing the papercuts to life when it is dark. During the day the boxes are white, but still quite impressive! Led strip lights are not only energy efficient but they are also absolutely safe, as they emit very little heat. Even so, it is better to always turn the boxes off when you are away to ensure the longevity of your papercut. All our boxes are handmade with natural wood.

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Golden rain

This is the first papercut lightbox in our Fairies series. It is made of seven layers of white and green, hand-cut paper with golden details, in a wooden box with LED lights that can change colour. Dimensions 23x23x10cm

Price 110€ (incl. VAT)

Autumn fairy

This is the second papercut lightbox in our Fairies series. It is made of seven layers of white and red, hand-cut paper, in a dark, wooden box with LED lights that can change colour. Dimensions 27x27x10cm

Price 110€ (incl. VAT)

Midnight flower fairy

This is the third papercut lightbox in our Fairies series. It is made of seven layers of white and aubergine, hand-cut paper, in a wooden box with LED lights that can change colour. Dimensions 25x25x10cm

Price 110€ (incl. VAT)

Flying forest

A fairytale world made of paper! This original papercut Lightbox is made of sixteen layers of hand-cut, white paper, placed one in front of the other to create the image. It is set in a wooden box painted white and has LED lights (EU plug). Dimensions 70x40x18cm.

Price 650€


After their creation, each planet grows into its unique shape and find its place in the universe. Papercut Lightbox with white, hand-cut paper and ink details, and LED lights in a black wood box. Dimensions 36x28x10cm.

Price 120€ (incl. VAT)

Planet nursery with ink

An alternative version of the original Lightbox. In this one the image is not only made of layers of hand-cut paper but it is also painted with ink.

Price 175€ (incl.VAT)

Planet nursery- Blue planet

This Papercut Lightbox is part of story about a planet nursery and its sole inhabitant. Amazing as it is to watch new planets come to life, sometimes our hero gets a bit lonely... He seems to need someone else to share this wonder with. Will he find someone??? Papercut with ten layers of white, hand-cut paper and painted details. The Lightbox is made of natural wood and is lit with LED lights with EU plug. Dimensions 29x29x13cm.

Price 130€ (incl. VAT)

Another world

In some worlds one moon is simply not enough! Papercut lightbox with 13 layers of white, hand-cut paper, natural wood box in dark brown, and LED lights. Dimensions 31x38x13cm.

Price 160€ (incl. VAT)


The landscape changes just before the sun sets. Lightbox with thirteen  layers of white, hand-cut paper, and LED lights. Dimensions 29x39x13cm.

Price 100€ (incl.VAT)

Abandoned house

Ever wondered what could be inside an abandoned house? This Lightbox is the first of our painted papercut series. It consists of five layers of and hand-cut paper, hand-drown and coloured with ink which are then positioned one in front of the  other to create a sense of depth. The paper cut comes to life with LED strip lights with an EU plug. Dimensions 28x32cm

145€ (Incl. VAT)


This papercut Lightbox was a commission. It's a hand-drawn underwater theme, made of eight layers of hand-cut white paper. The box is made of natural wood  painted white, and it has LED lights with colour changing  options at the back, illuminating the papercut design. Dimensions 38x93x16cm.

Above the clouds II

Even imagined a traveling city? This is the second piece in our newest 'Above the clouds' papercut lightbox series. It's made of 13 layers of hand-cut white paper with some extra paper details that add more texture to the picture. It comes in a natural wood box and RGB LED lights with a remote control to change colours. Dimensions 30x40x12cm.



A little piece of the ocean you can gaze upon through the porthole on your wall. Submerge yourselves in its depths with seven layers of white paper in a wooden black box with Led lights that change colour. Dimensions 31x31cm


fantastic creatures

In a dreamy forest lives a unique being. Sometimes at night it likes to cross the river and explore the opposite side of the forest. Papercut Lightbox, with 12 layers of white, hand-cut paper, and RGB lights. Dimensions 33x28x12cm.

Custom order

Green planet

After the planets are gathered they need to find their way into the cosmos. Fortunately there is a unique creature that can help get this green planet there. This papercut Lightbox consists of eleven layers of hand-cut white paper, set in a natural wood box with LED lights.


Red Planet

The collection of planets sometimes is easy and others it's more demanding. In the second papercut Lightbox  of our planet nursery series, the red planet lies at the bottom of a stormy sea! Thirteen layers of white, hand-cut paper, placed in a natural wood box, with RGB LED lights. Dimensions 35x40x13cm.


Fairy with dandelion

Papercut Lightbox of a fairy in her little garden, being carrying away by a dandelion. This Lightbox is made of seven layers of white and green hand-cut paper, and is set in a natural wood box with REG LED lights (EU plug)  that change colours, at the back. Dimensions 23x23x13cm.



In this lightbox we visit a cave and its unique creatures. Papercut with 18 layers of white, hand-cut paper and LED lights. Dimensions 45x33x12cm.


Defying the waves

Sometimes you need a little bit of imagination to defeat what scares the most! This is a small paper cut lights box, made of five layers  of white papers. It is placed in a natural wooden box with LeD lights.

Dimensions 27x27cm

Contact us for price

Fairy garden

Another papercut showing a fairy in its 'lacy' garden. Four layers of black, hand-cut paper in a wooden,  handmade box. Dimension 26x26x4cm.

Price 90€ (incl. VAT)

Daylight dragon

A dragon basks in the daylight. This is an entirely handmade Papercut Lightbox. Its unique design is created by six hand-cut sheets of paper, black and white, positioned one in front of the other. The lightbox can hang on the wall but it is also wide enough to stand on a shelf. 

Dimensions 29x29x10cm.


Sunset forest

Sunset is the perfect time for strange creatures to come out of hiding and explore our forest. Brown wooden box, and warm orange and yellow coloured LED lights. Dimensions 29x29x10cm.


Steampunk scientist

Take a sneak peek into a mad scientist's lab! Steampunk lightbox with five layers of hand-cut, black paper. Dimensions 22x33x5cm.


Morning fairy

Our forest in the mornings looks different with a fairy swinging from its trees. Six layers of white and coloured hand-cut paper in a pretty, earthy green, wooden box. Dimensions 29x29x10cm.


Deep sea

A small underwater world for  those who need to be near the sea year-round! Ten layers of hand-cut white paper in a wooden box with RGB led lights and a remote control.  This is one of our more detailed papercuts with a lace-like depiction of the seabed. Dimensions 28x36x12cm.


Sea dragon

Commissioned piece 26x34cm.

Above the clouds I

Papercut lightbox made of eleven layers of hand-cut white paper. Dimensions 30x36x11 cm.



A different lightbox that tests the limits of perception and illusion. Seven layers of different colour, hand-cut papers shape a planet floating in a vortex. The paper cut is set in a red, wooden box with LED lights. Dimensions 30x30cm


Forest Dragon

You never know what you might meet in the forest... Papercut lightbox with 9 layers and RGB LED strip lights. The choice of light colour can be either monochromatic or certain combinations of two different colours. Dimensions 40x34x9cm



Take a plunge into the water with our original papercut lightbox. It consists of 9 layers of hand-cut white paper that come with RGB led lights, set  into a natural wood box. Dimensions 26x36x11cm.


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