In this section you can explore our papercut lightboxes. Each box has a unique design which is created by different numbers of  handcut, layered sheets of paper.  Led strip lights are positioned in the back of the box, bringing the papercuts to llife when it is dark. During the day the boxes are white, but still quite impressive! Led strip lights are not only energy efficient but they are also absolutely safe, as they emit very little heat. Even so, it is better to always turn the boxes off when you are away to ensure the longevity of your papercut. All our boxes are handmade with natural wood.

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Jungle book

This is our latest lightbox inspired by a Jungle book illustration. Nine layers of hand-cut white paper in a naturally coloured wooden box with RGB led lights. Dimensions 38x24x11cm

Price 130€ (incl. VAT)

Forest Dragon

You never know what you might meet in the forest... Papercut lightbox with 9 layers and RGB led strip light. The choice of light colour can be either monochromatic or certain combinations of two different colours. Dimensions 40x34x9cm

Price 150€ (incl. VAT)

Deep sea

A small underwater world for  those who need to be near the sea year-round! Ten layers of hand-cut white paper in a wooden box with RGB led lights and a remote control.  This is one of our more detailed papercuts with a lace-like depiction of the seabed. Dimensiosn 28x36x12cm.

Price 230€ (incl VAT)


Take a trip over the clouds with our original hot-air-baloon themed lightbox. A different papercut, adorned with paper details that have been added on the design to give more texture. It is made of 9 layers of hand-cut white paper, orange, yellow an white coloured lights and comes in a natural wood box. Dimensions 26x36x11cm

Price 110€ (incl. VAT)

Journey to Japan

Five layers of hand cut black paper with an asian theme and red woodedn frame. The background is painted to give more depth to the papercut and led strip lights are added to bring it to life. There is a small difference between the actual colours and that of the photos. Dimensions 46x34x7cm.



Take a plunge into the water with our original papercut lightbox. It consists of 9 layers of hand-cut white paper that come with RGB led lights, set  into a natural wood box. Dimensions 26x36x11cm.


Hidden garden

Deep inside in a wild garden we can find its mysterious inhabitants! Black papercut with four layers, in a light, natural wood box with lights. DImensions 24x36x4cm


Secret cave

Light can reach even the deepest of places! This cave theme is made of 14 layers of paper and is illuminated by yellow and orange-yeallow coloured led lights.  Three of the little people who inhabit this secret world, can be seen in different places around a lake. 

Dimensions 37x28x14cm.


Alice in wonderland II

Falling into a deep hole can be really scary. That's becasue one cannot imagine where that fall might lead them or what wandrous worlds it might reveal.  Four layers of different coloured papers and led lights. Dimensions 26x34x5cm.


Wetland secrets

The macabre need not be scary. Sometimes it can even have the opposite effect. Lightbox with 9 white paper layers in black wooden box.

Dimensions 25x35x10cm.


A day in a fairy's life

Papercut with 4 layers in black paper and led lights. The design casts an intricate  shadow on the white background when the lights are off during the day. Alternatively,  when the light is on the backlit black design becomes more vivid  and well defined.  The frame is made of light coloured pine wood.

Dimension 34x26x4cm



A secret place to meet just beyond the forest... Romantic, minimal papercut with 14 layers and blue/yellow led light. Dimensions 34x40x12cm



"In the meantime, somewhere in the forest..." Papercut with 9 layers of white paper and RGB lights.  Various light colour options, depending on your mood. Some are monochromatic and others are a combiantion of colours. The decisions is yours...

Dimensions 36x28x9cm.



Unicorn lightbox with RGB LED lights. This fairytale papercut consists of 9 layers and comes with  magical changing lights that you can adjust to your own mood!

Dimensions 38x28x8cm


Flying lady

Steampunk lightbox with black paper in five layers and natural wood frame. Dimension24x34x3cm



This lightbox consists of eleven layers. It is an other-wordly forrest with an oriental dragon as its main theme. There might be a slight difference between the colours in the photograph and the actual lightbox. In this particular box the moon (or the sun if you prefer!) is deep red but unfortunately technology isn't always on our side. Dimensions 36x28x10cm


Spirited away with a twist

Miyazaki's Spirited Away  inspired lightbox. Black paper, 5 layers and painted background. 

Dimensions 23x23cm


A walk in the rain

Lightbox with 9 layers of handcut paper, green, yellow and orange lights. Dimensions 30x40x10cm.


Japanese landscape

This is one of our smaller lightboxes consisting of six layers and an oriental theme. Dimensions  28x22x6cm


Alice in wonderland

Alice in wonderland. Black paper lightbox with battery led lights and five layers. The back of the box is white. Each layer is cut from a single sheet of paper. You can see the shadow cast by the papercut on the back of the box when the lights are off.  Dimensions 22x26cm. 


Fairy lake

A fairy-tale lightbox in blue and yellow.  It is a magical theme made of twelve layers that frame a small fairy as its focal point. Dimensions 28x38cm



Deer in a forrest lightbox. This papercut is illuminated with natural, somewhat earthy colours to enhance its theme. It consists of nine layers. Dimensions 30x40cm.