Larger pieces

These sculptures are larger, heavier pieces, made mostly with metal. The themes and style of the scuptures remain similar to those of our smaller works, and we still use glass, wood, or resin to give them their form.

Steampunk spider

Maybe the world is round, maybe it is flat. Or maybe it's set  on the belly of a giant spider...Steampunk sculpture made of cogs, metal, wire, glass and plaster, with led lights.  Dimensions: diameter 70cm height 30cm.

Price 450€ (incl. VAT)

Nautilus with light

Nautilus shell made with 444 pieces of stained glass in orange hues. The sculpture sits onto a metal frame that is fitted on a wooden base. Dimensions: 20x36x36cm.


Metal Bird

Larger sculpture, made of metal, clear glass, and painted wood. Dimensions: 80x60x40cm. Price 450€  (incl. VAT)

Seahorse and anemone

Stained glass, metal and wire seahorse with light. Height 32cm diameter 25cm. Price 150 (incl. VAT)


Dragonfly and flower sculpture, made of metal, wire and a clear glass bottle. Dimensions: 40x40x20cm. Price 190€ (incl. VAT) 


Steampunk zeppelin made of a large light bulb, purple stained glass, metal cogs and wire. The base is made of wood, copper pipes and metal. Dimensions 50x45 cm. Price 350€ (incl. VAT)