Wire sculptures

In this section you can find a variety of sculptures made of wire. We use different materials to make them, such as copper, bronze, brass, and stainless steel wire, combined with stained glass, metal, glass pebbles, beads, cogs etc. to give each sculpture its individual character. Similarly, each piece is set on a unique base which can be made of metal, glass, wood, stone, resin, or a mixture of these materials.

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Winged ant

This ant is made with green and antique copper wire. Four different weaves have been used to shape the wire around the ant's body of glass and cogs.  The base is made of wood and it's approximately 25x20 cm. 

Price 45€ (incl. VAT)

Copper tree

Copper, weaved, wire tree with green stained glass leaves. The tree is 28cm tall and it is set on a real gear base with 22cm diameter.

Price 90€ (Incl. VAT)

Bronze tree

Our latest tree, made of antique bronze coloured copper wire. All branches end in either one, two or three weaved leaves. The tree is set on a beatiful, naturallly brown piece of tree root. Dimensions 28x23cm.

Price 70€

Copper wire tree

The tree is made with non-tarnish wire. Each branch has either a clear, or a hand painted glittering, green, glass bead. The beads have been weaved onto the branches ending in a small weaved leaf. 
The base is a dark reddish-brown wooden octagon. Dimensions 22x20x16cm. Price 90€  (incl. VAT)

Blue bonsai tree

Stainless steel wire tree patinated black, with stained glass, asymmetrical leaves in blue and blue-green. The base is made of painted wood, coated with resin and topped with metal. Dimensions: 28x20c20cm. Price 120€  (incl. VAT)

Huxley the spider

Spider made of glass and wire in three different colours. Huxley takes his name from the text that decorates his wooden base.  Like all spiders, Huxley can stand just as easily on a vertical wall as on a horizontal shelf. Dimensions 17x23x8cm



Painted glass and weaved wire jellyfish, set on a glass base. The wire is antique bronze colour. Three different types of weaves have been used to give each part of the jellyfish its shape. Height 20cm. 


Autumn tree

Tree made of stainless steel wire in black patina. The asymmetrically leaves are made of hand-cut glass in red, green, and orange colours resembling an autumn tree. The tree is set on a bicycle cog.  


Wire tree with light

Wire tree, with stained glass leaves and wooden base with light.