My name is Filippos Drosos. I was born in Thessaloniki two months after the official presentation of the first Walkman and about a month and half before the first edition of Douglas Adams’ “Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy”.

My childhood memories consist to a great extent of drawings, and objects made of clay, wood, paper etc. Every new material I could lay my hands on, when found not edible, after the necessary testing of course, automatically became food for thought and was turned into a toy or a creative challenge. Because of this need to create, or sometimes to destroy, as i grew older I got to work so as to improve my artistic abilities.

At the age of twelve and for the next three years, I took painting lessons and was first introduced to water and oil colours. A few years later I got acquainted with sketching and architecture drawing and a year later I attended the School of Graphic art and Design at the Technological Institute in Athens. More particularly I got a BA in Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art. A new world full of (mostly  non-edible) materials and a variety of techniques was presented to me through my studies.

Since 2005 I’ve  worked as a conservator of antiquities in different excavation sites in Pella and Thessaloniki, while lately I also worked in the conservation and restoration of buildings.

Despite my professional engagements, most of my free time was dedicated to painting, and the creation of objects with stained glass, metal, glass, wood and a variety of other materials. Naturally after some time my home got crammed with paintings and other artworks.  This practical ‘problem’ somehow pushed me to externalize my work, as the pieces themselves ‘demanded’ to break free and get to know other people.

I understood then that artistic creation, besides satisfying my need to get myself and everything around me as dirty as I can, is predominantly a means of expressing and communicating my feelings and ideas. As such my works pressed me to expose them as well as myself to a wider audience.

I first exhibited my paintings in 2005 in a collective exhibition at the Water Museum in Thessaloniki. Two personal exhibitions followed, at the Municipality of Giannitsa (2008), at Alatza Imaret art space in Thessaloniki (2010) and three at Paparouna Wine-Bar and Restaurant in Thessaloniki (2013, 2015, 2016). In 2017, I once again took part in a collective exhibition at the Greek Archaeologists Association in Athens. In the same year, I was accepted as a member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts.

My communication with an audience and its positive reaction to my work, combined with my conviction that art should be accessible to all people regardless of class, economic status or education, led me to a decision: to start Plan B Art. In the autumn of 2017, my partner and I built a space dedicated to art, communication and expression, where I create and permanently exhibit my works.

We hope you enjoy your tour of our website and if you find yourselves in Greece, why not come visit us at our art studio!