I have been creating art ever since I can remember myself, experimenting with different media and techniques. The past five years however I work almost exclusively with paper. I fell in love with the creative possibilities of paper, shadow, light  and colour that allow me to dream, create and explore new realities, and tell stories.

TheLightboxes and Papercuts I create usually depict secret worlds, oneiric landscapes, and fantastic creatures. Little places and stories I imagine, hand-draw, and then bring to life with my X-acto knife. 

All my works are unique, with hand-cut, quality, acid-free, paper. My light boxes are also set in handmade, wooden boxes.

I accept commissions, and I am happy to create something that speaks to you personally, always filtered by my own aesthetic and artistic lenses. If asked, I can rethink and redesign certain older themes,or incorporate patterns of a previous work, but I never remake the entire Lightbox as it is.I never reproduce my works, as I feel that the people who appreciate my art deserve a piece of my secret worlds that is theirs and theirs alone!