These sculptures are larger, heavier pieces, made mostly with metal. The themes and style of the sculptures remain similar to those of our smaller works, and we still use glass, wood, wire, and wood to give them their form. Some works include lights that illuminate them and give life to their beautiful glass.

Let us take you on a trip above the clouds or even to the stars with our Airship. This sculpture is made of 777 pieces of green and purple stained glass with independent LED lights illuminating its upper and lower part. Its body is made of metal and it is decorated with cogs, chains, wire and various metallic elements. For those who like to have options it comes with two different metallic bases (7cm and 70cm high) and with the option to either turn on the upper and the lower lights separately, or both simultaneously. On top of that the upper lights can change colour and come with a remote control. Dimensions (just the ship) 42x55x50cm.

Price 1800€