Glass sculptures

Here you can see our works with glass and metal. Most of the pieces in this section are based on metamorphosed glass bottles, that is, bottles of different kinds and colours, turned into aeroplanes, helicopters, insects or anything else our imagination sees.  We use stained glass, wire and metal to shape to our bottles into their new form.

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leaf helicopter

A glass helicopter with lights, inspired by nature. The helicopter's body is made of a brown glass bottle wrapped in green and bronze twisted wire, and its leaf-shaped wings are made of green stained glass with bronze painted details. The helicopter is set on wooden base. Dimensions 20x25x30cm.

Price 120€ (incl. 24% VAT)

Cherry blossom plane

A romantic plane made with a brown glass bottle, stained glass and metal. The base is made of wood. Dimensions 35x30x26cm.

Price 150€ (incl. VAT) 

Dragonfly 2

Rumours say that time is relative. In our imaginary world of metal glass and cogs, its flow can even depend on the flight of a dragonfly! Stained glass, glass, wood, metal and metallic elements and lights. Dimensions 40x40x40cm.

Price 280€ (Incl. VAT)

Flying machine

A new flying machine with a unique design. Made of a blue glass bottle, stained glass, and metal set on a cement base.Dimensions 32x33x30cm.

Price 145€ (Incl. VAT)

Lion fish

Our own interpretation of a luminous lion fish. Green glass bottle, stained glass fins in grey-blue, golden wire and fairy lights, on a concrete base. Dimensions 30x36x15cm. 

Price 130€ (Incl. VAT)

Minimal Fish

Large glass fish made on a clear glass bottle with stained glass and metal. Dimensions 64x50x27cm.

Price 245€ (Incl. VAT)

Retro plane II

Our newest aeroplane is made on a unique bottle.  Due to a difference in  the glass' pigments, when the lights are on, its  colour fades from brown to brown-green towards the tail! The plane's wings are made of grey-green stained glass, and its metallic elements are bronze. Dimensions 30x30x10cm.

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Spiralling plane

inside our glass sphere there's a  weaved wire-tree with beads and a small glass plane  that flies in a spiral pattern. Glass, stained glass in blue-green tones, copper wire, and light (USB plug). The base is made of metallic cogs. Diameter 25cm, height 28cm.

Price 240€ (Incl. VAT)

Blue plane III

Brown bottle metamorphosed into an aeroplane with LED lights (EU plug). With bright blue wings of stained glass and metallic elements the plane stands on a copper coloured metallic base. Dimensions 30x30x22cm.


Impressionist plane

The stained glass wings of this plane resemble the colours of an impressionist painting!  Brown glass bottle, stained glass, metal, and LED lights. Dimensions 35x35x40cm.


Abyss fish

This work introduces are new line of metamorphosed bottles with light. Abyss fish made of brown glass bottle, stained glass, metal and wire. Dimensions 35x36x14cm.


Helicopter II

Our helicopter is made of a clear glass bottle, green and purple stained glass, metallic elements and LED warm white lights with EU plug. As all of our creations this is a  one-of-kind piece. Dimensions 30x28x16cm.


Betta fish

Betta Fish with LED lights, made of a green glass bottle and a beautiful piece of stained glass in cherry red and white tones. The base is made of metal cogs. Dimensions 38x38x16cm. 


Spotted plane, high

Aeroplane made with green bottle, stained glass in earthy red and orange tones, metal and LED lights. Dimensions 35x35x30cm.


Green plane-2

Ready to take off! Frosted glass bottle, stained glass wings, metallic elements, and lights (EU plug). Dimensions 28x31x12cm.


Steampunk aeroplane III

Our latest steampunk plane. it is made of brown glass bottle, turquoise weaved wire, metal elements and LED lights. Dimensions 36x41x13cm. 


BBI plane

Glass plane with green bottle and purple stained glass wings on a metallic base, with LED lights with EU plug. Dimensions 28x30x28cm


Red plane II

Aeroplane made with a brown glass bottle, red stained glass, metal and LED lights with EU plug. This particular metallic base allows the plane to rotate. Dimensions 35x38x38


Underwater sphere

In our newest sphere we enclosed a small piece of the sea. A glass submarine awaits for you to turn on its lights and travel to unknown waters! Glass, metal, and wire, on a wooden base. Diameter 30cm.


Retro plane

This aeroplane is made of frosted glass. Its wings are stained glass in smoky green, and it's decorated with bronze coloured metallic elements. The lights inside the bottle are warm white LED lights with EU plug. Dimensions 29x31x11 cm.


Fighting fish

 Better fish with lights. Made of a clear glass bottle, stained glass and metal, based on a natural rock. Dimensions 43x33x9cm.


Summer aeroplane

A plane with wings in the colour of the summer sea. Brown glass bottle, stained glass, metal, and LED lights. Dimensions 30x33x25cm.


Spotted plane

This is a quirky aeroplane thanks to the usual pattern of its wings and the particular swirling design of its base. It's made of brown glass bottle, stained glass wings in warm reddish and yellow hues, and metal. Dimensions 30x30x35cm.


Purple fish

Exotic fish with lights, made of a brown glass bottle and stained glass in purple, pink and white tones. Its metallic elements are in brass and pink-copper hues. Dimensions 35x15x40cm.


Submarine II

Submarine with lights. It is made of a brown glass bottle and metal, and stands on.a painted wooden base. Dimensions 30x30x18cm


Steampunk flying machine

A unique flying machine made of brown glass bottle, bicycle cogs and chains. Dimensions 26x33x14cm.


Aeroplane II

Brown glass bottle, green stained glass and metal.


Clear glass plane

Clear glass plane with purple, stained glass wings, metal and wire. The plane is set on a metal base which is sold separately and can be fitted to all our planes. Dimensions 29x29x13cm. 


When our worlds meet

Brass wire tree with cogs, and glass bottle airplane with stained glass wings set in a glass ball on top of a wooden base with light. Ball diameter 25cm.,height 31cm.


Aeroplane III

Blue stained glass, clear glass bottle and gunmetal metallic elements.


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